The advantages of replica Omega, Cartier, and IWC compared to replica Rolex

When it comes to watches, it is inevitable to talk about Rolex. Although Rolex is positioned as a tool watch and many people do not think that Rolex is a high-end replica watch brand, its popularity, marketing level and sales are enough to prove its comprehensive strength. Strong. It's no wonder that replica Omega has always used Rolex as its competitor, but replica Cartier and IWC of the same level are also competing with Rolex for market share, so who can compete with replica Rolex?

In terms of product richness, replica Omega is the only brand with a complete range of products that can fully compete with Rolex. The Seamaster 300 and Seamaster 600 and the replica Rolex Submariner series are all diving.

Haima 150 is against the standard replica Rolex Milgauss lattice magnetic type, and the main feature is antimagnetic effect. However, Rolex's current grid magnetic model has been hot from the very replica audemars piguet beginning and has been smashed until now it is basically cool and has little attention. This incident tells us that even the popular styles of Rolex will have a cool day, and now the prices of many hot styles have been so high that you must be cautious and don't be a high-level picker.

Although replica Rolex is very strong, it is very weak in the dress belt watch market. There is only one Cellini series. The Cellini series is known as the least replica Rolex watch, which shows that its support is not high. IWC's share of formal watches is exceptional, and IWC's main target is the weak link of Rolex.

Replica Cartier is often hacked by controversy. It is nothing more than a lot of fake watch friends who argue that replica Cartier is a jewelry brand and believe that its own value is not worth its price. But in fact, in modern society, watches have long been transformed into luxury accessories similar to jewelry. Many watch brands now replica Omega frequently produce high-end jewelry watches such as diamonds, all of which have also learned from Cartier.

If it is said that Omega can really compete with Rolex in terms of sub-categories, if it is said that in terms of sales, Cartier also has the strength to compete with Rolex, and Cartier's road will get better and better. Cartier's customer base may be better than Rolex's customer base!